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More Reasons John Flowers Loves West Virginia Fans

Yesterday we brought you the start of John Flowers' tweet-athon about why he loves West Virginia fans. They were good but are nothing compared to his tweets last night. Buckle up, its going to be a fun ride.

  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all do bear bongs at da football games! Lol
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all say good game no matter what! Lol I could only play 1 min wit 3 turn overs and y'all still gona say it lol
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz the girls are spegettiiii!!! Hahaha don't ask if u don't no pleez!  (I have no clue what that means, if anyone knows please fill me in)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz they wear suspenders and boots and a Wv baseball cap!  (So Flowers knows Charley West)
  • Hahaha #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz at the Marshall games I b like.."what's the word!?!?!..and y'all b like..  (FUCK THE HERD...oopps)

More after the jump....

  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all make me feel important!
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans that don't leave the games early! They sit through the whole thing! Not wit 2 mom left! The whole thing! Lol
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans that try 2 coach us and tell us what we need 2 do haha so funny  (Don't hate on me, I played basketball in middle school, I know what's up)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz wen I get dunked on..y'all don't laugh at me lol I don't think...hmmm! Lol
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans that cum 2 every game..not jus the big 1s...I no who u r! I love y'all!  (so that would be about 5 students???)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz wen I'm walkin they scream from the cars "j flooooo! So icey!" haha I love it!  (It took a long time but we get the second SO ICEY of the day, if you took the under, you're looking pretty good)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz they try 2 get me wasted
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz they met us in the hotel lobby after every big east game!
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz they met us at the coliseum wen we got back from winning the big east championship!
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz if I'm at a football game and b like "Woooooooo!" I'm Gona get sum type of response from 1 of the maniacs
  • Oh oh oh #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz they wear shirts with a giant middle finger that says "west F***ing Virginia"  (Don't encourage them John. Those shirts are so not icey)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all cuss at the refs wen the make a bad call (I would never do such a thing)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz wen I get the ball and I'm wide open y'all try 2 get me in trouble by sayin "shoot it!" lol  (Don't listen to them. Pass it, get the rebound and dunk it.)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans hahaha becuz u teach ur kids 2 hate Pitt!  (If I have to teach my kid to hate Pitt, I have done something horribly wrong. That little guy better come out chanting EAT SHIT PITT)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz of y'all accents...sooooooo funny sumtimes especially wen y'all r drunk haha
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz....y'all really......................burn......couches!!!WTF! Lol
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all can drink from sun up 2 sun down..2 sun back up.....2sun back down.........2sun back up!... Lol u get it
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz at da football games y'all paint y'all bodys in freezin weather!

Thanks John, that was.....SO ICEY!!