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Last Call! The Official Smoking Musket Bracket Challenge

UPDATE: We have about an hour left to get brackets in and filled out.  If you're already signed up, great -- just make sure your bracket is completed by noon.  If you're not signed up yet, e-mail me at and I will get you an invite ASAP.

WVUIE97's Hump Day bracket may have more T&A (which I wholeheartedly endorse, nay, encourage), but TSM's Official Bracket Challenge is back.  Last year, we had 19 competitors step up to the challenge, with Brandon Goode winning in dramatic fashion (let it be known, once again, that 5th Year Senior finished dead last).  This year, we'd like to crush that number, or at least get past 20.

Now, this is a free bracket, and because of that, we don't have fancy prizes.  But, in the absence of an official prize, we will try our best at TSM to make it worth your while (Hump Day privileges, 5YS will mow your grass, an Eastern European mail-order bride, etc.).

So, please, sign up immediately over at:

Password: humpday

Results will be tracked throughout the tournament, and trash talk is mandatory.  Good luck.

NOTE: If the site informs you that you need an invite, e-mail me at and I will get it done.