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John Flowers Loves West Virginia Fans

From everything I have seen, John Flowers is the best entertainer on WVU's basketball team. He started the season by winning the slam dunk contest at Mountaineer Madness, trademarked the catchphrase "So icey!!" and has gotten nothing but 10's for his pregame dances. He is an endless source of laughs.

He seemingly capped it all off with his Irish jig in front of the Notre Dame pep band but once again, he has outdone himself. Today, John Flowers is tweeting all the reason he loves Mountaineer fans. If you want to see the tweets live, follow him @jflow41. If you don't have twitter, just check back here all day for all the reason John Flowers loves West Virginia fans.

My comments about Flowers tweets are in italics.

  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz they love us
  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz y'all r so spirited!
  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz if a fight broke out y'all would rush the court lol
  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz there's millions of y'all

Updates after the jump... [Updated 3:00 pm]

  • Sittin in class..teacher gave me and @Truckbryant25 a shoutout lol
  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz y'all get wasted! Lol
  • I love west Virginia fans bcuz y'all wana b so icey!   (Over/Under on use of "So Icey" today 14)
  • Soo #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz y'all don't boo us 4 missin wide open lay ups lol shout out 2 Killa Cam (#IloveWestVirginiaFans, is used because he wants to start a "trend" on twitter)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz y'all drink moonshine! Haha
  • Yup #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all camp out in front of the coliseum b4 games!
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all responded well 2 hurricane mazzula! @Jmazzulla21 hahahaha
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans bcuz y'all stand behind us no matter what!
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz I feel like if we went 5-30 y'all would still b behind us!  (obviously he doesn't read stories about the football team)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all show us maaaadd love at the football tailgates (only high fives)
  • One of the mane reasons #IloveWestVirginiaFans is becuuuzzzz y'all literally ..BURN COUCHES! Hahahaha I need a couch!
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz y'all are unruly! Lol I love it
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz y'all hit dude wit a penny! Gangstas! (do not agree)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans becuz y'all are not traders!
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz at the games y'all always cheer 4 the YMCA man! Hahaha I love that guy! Saw him drivin a Bus the Otha day! Lol  (That guy is embarrassing)
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all listen 2 coach huggins wen he got on the mic and said "it's stupid!" lol
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans if we had a game on the moon! Sum1 lol one of yall would try 2 sneak on da spaceship! Or build their own lol
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all talk as much shit as We do on the court lol
  • Sooo Ima try 2 get at a youngin And b like.."aye! Yo baby waz ya name!" (Trey songs voice)lol y'all think she gona b feelin me?
  • Man my phone bout 2 die...WTF I been tweetin that much! Lol  (so not icey)
  • Hahaha RT @Eskins21: @jflow41 if/when yall see UK..what's the over/under on cam and d.cousins gettin in a fight? lmao
  • #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all sing country roads at da end of every game!
  • I think west va band should change it sum stuff off drum line lol..James brown!
  • Hahaha #IloveWestVirginiaFans cuz y'all fight other fans lol  (not something to be proud of unless they started it which they normally do)
  • I would LMAO and dance if our band played "shake ya ass" by mystical hahahaha