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Six More Wins To the National Championship

After an 11 point loss at UConn on February 22, things were looking down and I for one, did not think a deep run in the either the Big East or NCAA Tournaments were possible. Then Huggs gave his team an impassioned post game speech about the possibility of being special. The speech changed everything for this team. (6:45 mark)

Since that speech, WVU has looked like a different team, winning six straight games. Granted, the speech did not improve our inconsistency on offense but it definitely made usstep-up our intensity at both ends of the floor.  Our guys have been diving on the floor, straining a little extra for rebounds and getting to every 50/50 loose ball.

During this run, I can't remember any of our players taking a possession off. They cut and set screens with a purpose and pressure the ball with a ferocity that has never been seen at WVU. This team is already special to WVU fans but they can take it to a different level with six more wins.

I have a great feeling about our chances. Let's Go Mountaineers!