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The Madness Has Begun

The upset bug could be spreading in Madison Square Garden today, as Syracuse has already been knocked off by Georgetown. I was not nervous before that game but I am starting to sweat and think a little bit about tonight's game.

Here are my keys to the game:

#1 Truck Bryant cannot go all "New York."

Any time Truck plays near New York or against other New York players, he tries to do too much with the ball. He over penetrates, makes risky and lazy passes and generally sucks. He needs to attempt to be poised and distribute the ball to our scorers.

More keys after the jump...

#2 We must win the battle on the glass.

West Virginia's second-half run was spurned on by winning the battle on the glass. Ten of West Virginia's 26 boards were on the offensive glass and lead to 15 points. If WVU can control the boards, Cincy will not be able to shoot a high enough percentage from the field to win.

#3 Make Lance Stephenson play like a freshman.

While Cincy's size may prevent Truck and Joe from playing at the same time, Joe could really frustrate Stephenson with his defense. Stephenson is an emotional freshman that is easily forced into bad decisions. If we play good D, he will turn the ball over.

#4 Score more points than the Bearcats.


I hope we win tonight.