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Screw It, I Love The New Big East Tournament

For most of my formative life, I have been a proponent of less teams making whatever playoffs or tournament is in question.  My reasoning was that the regular season should be more important.  When more than half of the NBA makes the playoffs, how much does the regular season really matter?

Like I said, that was a belief that I held up until recently, when the Big East Tournament went from 12 teams to allowing all members to participate, regardless of record.  Usually, this is something that I would absolutely hate, and I was all set to hate the shit out of this new format.  And I did, right up until I realized there was going to be Big East and Madison Square Garden basketball in the afternoon for three straight days.  Then I got drunk.

Really, after yesterday's games and the first part of today, I am hopelessly in love with the new tournament format.  I think the real reason is that I try to find any excuse to watch sports in the middle of the work day, but the good games so far this tournament certainly haven't hurt.

So, I may be smitten, but that doesn't mean you are; in the comments, give us your thoughts on the new(er) Big East format...