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WVU Blows Out Pitt, Sideshow Overshadows?

On a night when so many things went right -- Ebanks' hot start, Kilicli's dazzling debut, and a spanking of a ranked Pitt team -- this night m bay very well be remembered for everything that went wrong.

After a stern warning from Huggins for throwing things on the court, not to mention the several e-mails about profanity, a Pitt assistant coach was hit in the face by something thrown from the crowd (most likely ice).  We'll have a full review tomorrow, mostly of those things that did go right; but for tonight, you tell us: have the events of tonight convinced you that the Mountaineer fans and students have gotten too far out of line?  What needs to be done, if anything, to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again?

Talk amongst yourselves...