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National Signing Day: The Only Day Of The Year Where An Unhealthy Love For High School Kids Is Acceptable

All we care about until 7 p.m. tonight is who is in and who is out. This post will serve as our update mechanism.  We will hopefully include snarky and inappropriate comments.  After the jump are a list of names we hope will eventually show up.  Above the jump, the future Mountaineers that have already sent in their LOI.

As of this very second WVU has received 19 LOI's.

  • Quantavious Leslie -- The depth we are getting at WR is great if Mullen decides to run a passing offense and our O-Line blocks this year.
  • Avery Williams -- CB/WR -- Gave his verbal to Utah but flipped to WVU.
  • Troy Gloster
  • Trey Johnson -- Lot of expectations on Johnson since he's the only RB in this class.
  • Marquis Wallace
  • Qudral Forte
  • Ivan "Sticks" McCartney -- The signing of Sticks and Chambers solidifies the 4 Amigos from Miramar,  Geno, Bailey, Chambers and McCartney.  I hope they perform as well at WVU as they did at Miramar.  This should really help Geno in his battle for the starting job this fall.
  • Dante Chambers
  • Wes Tonkery
  • Travis Bell -- I knew that high five meant something. With Bell signing with WVU and Millines going to Illinois, Doc did not bring in the guns Marshall thought he would.
  • Doug Rigg
  • Jewone Snow
  • Barry Brunetti
  • Mike Dorsey
  • Jeremy Johnson
  • Quentin Spain
  • Trevor Demko
  • Deon Long (already enrolled)
  • Bruce Irvin

Latwan Anderson -- S (will not sign today, likely to officially visit USC and decide between WVU, USC, and Ohio State) -- 5th Year -- The longer it takes him to send in the LOI, the less likely it is that he commits to WVU.  I have a bad feeling but I hope I'm wrong.

Willis Wright -- S (signed with Florida International, unlikely to qualify)

Ishmael Banks -- CB

Benji Kemoeatu -- C