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WVU @ UConn: Absolutely No Idea What To Expect

UConn is as schizophrenic a team as there might be in college basketball this year.

The team that lost to Cincinnati (twice), Michigan, and Providence is also the same team that has beaten Texas and Villanova.  Sure, they suffered an extended down period when Calhoun was out, but they had lost three straight before he left.  And now they're 16-11 overall and 6-8 in conference, on the fringe of the bracket, and fighting for their NCAA tournament lives.  They're also 3 point favorites tonight.

So what UConn team will we see?  Good question.  I was hoping you might answer it for me, because I have no effing clue.  They could beat us by 20 or just as easily mail it in and lose by 20.  Unfortunately, with the line moving so heavily towards UConn (it started as a pick 'em), the heavy bettors are placing their money on the former.  They're not usually wrong when moving a line that much.  But, being a WVU homer, I am not about to give up all hope.

One thing I think I know about tonight is that we'll know very quickly how the game is going to go.  If WVU looks inspired, I feel like we'll play exciting basketball throughout.  If we look lethargic, I think it's highly unlikely we make a Louisville/Ohio State game comeback on the road in a hostile environment.

We're three hours from game-time: what are your thoughts?  Are you confident?  Pessimistic?  Drunk?