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National Signing Day: Who Will Use A Fax Machine For The First And Last Time In Their Life?

At this very moment, high school athletes from across the nation are freaking out.  They have no clue what they will do tomorrow because they have never seen and have no clue how to use a fax machine.

One of two things will happen tomorrow.  Everyone will either freak out because of the players we lose or they will be happy with the class this coaching staff actually signs.  Unless we lose a lot of verbals, I will be extremely happy with this talented class.

We are currently ranked 28 by Rivals and 31 by Scouts, which is not shabby but not what I was expecting. These ratings may vary but the way things stand now WVU is set to sign one of the most talented classes in the schools history. If a couple things fall our way we could easily jump into the top 25.

After the jump, I give you my predictions on the players to watch tomorrow...

These are my predictions sure to go wrong and some random thoughts for National Signing Day.

1) "Lights Out" Latwan  Anderson -- He flips to tOSU even though they showed him no love early in the recruiting process because they did not believe that he was a big time play maker.  Coach Stew and the other coaches at WVU saw his talent and believed in him from the start.

If you come to WVU, Robert Sands and yourself will make it impossible for opposing teams to make a big play.  Come home Latwan.

2) Ivan "Sticks" McCartney -- Comes to WVU.

3) Nickell Robey -- Comes to WVU. We could have an absolutely nasty secondary next year.

4) Travis Bell -- As much as this pains me to say but he will be going to Marshall. I thought we had something with the high five Travis. (SIGH)

5) Mike Dorsey -- Has reaffirmed a previous verbal and will be a Mountaineer.

6) Willis Wright -- He will be going to the U.

7) Markeith Ambles (longshot) -- Most likely no chance but a boy can dream.

8) Qudral Forte -- I think his decision will be made after decisions by Anderson and Bell. That being said, he will become a Mountaineer.

Tune in tomorrow for schizophrenic coverage of National Signing Day.