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TSM Coaching Approval Meter (Post-Rutgers, 2010)

All Bill Stewart does is win nine football games.

Now, the prior statement is a very glass half full/empty scenario. Is nine games enough? Ten is, of course, better, but is the prospect of below nine not worth it?

With the bowl game in Orlando, he'll have the chance to go where no Bill Stewart team has gone before and win ten games. But, then again, he had that chance last year and failed.

Still, before we get to that point, we must judge him and the staff on the job currently being done. What is that job, exactly? Again, even though the nine wins is fact, there is a lot of subjective discussion about what those nine wins really mean.

So, before you do anything else today -- unless of course you must really use the restroom -- please vote on your satisfaction with Bill Stewart & Co. as well as leave your longer opinion in the comments. Do your civic responsibility proud and go vote.

Last Week: 40.2%

Season Average: 33.1%