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Game Thread: WVU vs. Cleveland State


There's been a smattering of football news and talk here lately, but we ARE in the middle of basketball season and Huggs leads the men back into action this afternoon against an undefeated Cleveland State team. Most of us know about WVU's somewhat struggles lately, even in victory. What most DON'T know, however, is exactly how good this Cleveland St. team is, given their competition thus far. Here are a couple previews:

Cleveland State Preview - MSNsportsNET.Com

WVU Basketball Game Preview: WVU vs. Cleveland State -

This is most definitely a barometer game for both teams. One thing to watch will be how two of WVU's main characters, Kevin Jones and John Flowers, play through pain. It'll also be interesting to see the turnout for this game, especially with the students finished with finals and many of them already gone for winter break. Televised coverage is on the Big East Network (including MASN and, I believe, SNY, among others). Leave your thoughts, comments, quips, concerns, jokes, hopes, dreams and haikus below.

And, as always...