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BREAKING: Bill Stewart Apparently Has Change Of Heart, Will Remain At WVU One More Year

After reports last night that Bill Stewart would be leaving the team following the Champs Sports Bowl, he apparently has had a change of heart. Following Stewart's decision, WVU will hire Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen as offensive coordinator and "coach-in-waiting."

Holgorsen won't have to wait long, however, as Bill Stewart will step aside following the 2011 season. Holgorsen is likely to bring in his own offensive staff.

Mitch Vingle confirms what we have been hearing this morning in  the Charleston Gazette and adds that WVU defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel and his entire staff will remain with the team.

Stay tuned for updates...

UPDATE #1: Mike Casazza from the Daily Mail reports that Stewart is still not completely comfortable with a coach-in-waiting scenario and could still resist.  Casazza further confirms that Holgorsen has given assurances that WVU's defensive coaching staff will remain in place beyond the 2011 season if they so desire.

UPDATE #2: More definitive details are coming out, with reporting that Holgorsen is set to receive a base salary of $750,000 in 2011, then sign a 5 year contract as head coach worth $2 million per year.  If true, this is a major financial commitment by WVU.

UPDATE #3: Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Colin Dunlap has confirmed.