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Bulldogs and Wolverines and Tides! Oh My! Oliver Luck Needs To Step Up And Make A Decision About Coach Stew...Now

Photo from WVMetronews

Over the past few weeks there has been rampant speculation, innuendo and rumor surrounding our not-so-vacant head coaching position. Some things I’ve heard are absolutely crazy, but others are likely based on fact. Either way the talk has gotten out of control.

If you frequent Lord of the Flies island Blue Gold News Piggy random insiders have said that Nick Saban, Dan Mullens and Fraud will be co-head coaches at WVU next season. Well, they haven't said exactly that, but that is pretty darn close. Insiders know everything.

No matter what you think about Stew, one thing is for sure, the future of our Mountaineer football program is in doubt. Not only because our fanbase unrelentingly and sometimes unfairly questions its head coach, but also because our athletic director has said nothing about Stewart’s future.

That must change...

The uncertainty has less to do with our fans and more to do Luck’s silence on Stew’s future. Every fanbase criticizes its head coach, criticism comes with the territory. However, when a coach is under this much scrutiny, the athletic director should chime in and either settle the fanbase down or placate their need for a new head coach.

From day one Luck as said that he will evaluate all coaches when their season is over. Well, Mr. Luck, the season is over and we’re awaiting your evaluation of our football coaching staff.

Stew has two years left on his current contract and Luck either needs to give Stew an extension or force him to retire. If a decision on Stew’s future remains unresolved it can only hurt our program. It will negatively affect our already lackluster recruiting class. Not to mention, putting us behind the eight-ball in the search for a new head coach.

I’ll support whatever decision Luck makes, but just say something about Stew’s future. We’re all waiting...