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Did West Virginia's Geno Smith Guarantee A Victory Over Cincinnati?

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Personally, I like it when guys on my team have extreme confidence in their abilities and show swagger on and off the field. At times this year, Geno Smith possessed both of those traits. Early in the season you could see he knew he had the ability throw the ball all over the field by the way he celebrated and carried himself. Lately, however, his shoulders are drooping and he is seemingly doubting his abilities.

One would think that after another tough loss Geno's confidence would be shaken even further. Luckily, that could not be further from the truth.  I know Geno is feeling extremely confident about the game on Saturday. In fact, he is pretty damn sure we are going to beat the Bearcats and celebrate by singing Country Roads. 

How do I know this? Do I have ESP? Am I, yet again, hiding out in the bushes around the Puskar Center? Am I really Geno Smith? Nope, I just follow Geno on twitter...