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A Conversation with the "Bye Week"

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With WVU football on a bye week this week, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do the trendy thing in blogging and do a Q&A exchange with "The Bye Week."

TSM: What do you think of the practice of coaches and teams using your week to heal and self evaluate?

TBW: It's nothing but a sign of disrespect to "The Bye." I'll go on record right now and and tell you unflinchingly that we've never...NEVER lost a game. To borrow a phrase from WVU's coach, "Look it up."

TSM: But you've never actually won a game either.

TBW: I'm not here to debate that.

More after the jump.

TSM: Where have I heard that before? Moving on...What worries you about going against WVU?

TBW: It used to be the offense, but no question, this year it's their defense. We've always had trouble scoring, and this week will be no different. We originally thought we could rely on The Tandy giving up a big play, but he's really improved this year.

TSM: What do you think is The Bye's biggest strength?

TBW: We have none. We just wait around for the other team to cough the ball up and then try to strike from a short field or score on the turnover itself.

TSM: That sounds like a solid plan this week especially, given WVU's propensity to turn the ball over. How do you plan on stopping the WVU offense otherwise?

TBW: That's easy. We'll just throw our best player at 'em.

TSM: And just who is this best player that WVU should worry about?

TBW: The Goal Line. WVU has had a real hard time dealing with those a lot lately.

TSM: (Nodding in awkward acknowledgement) Alright, do you have any questions for us?

TBW: Given WVU's Offensive line struggles and Coach Stewart's seemingly blind loyalty to the OL Coach, has there been an increase in alcohol consumption in the state of West Virginia?

TSM: I think I can answer that with an emphatic YES.

TBW: Do you think that will lead to an increase in "kissin' cousins" across the state?

TSM: I think we're done here.

TBW: Wait...I didn't even get to ask about animal humping or...