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Game Thread: WVU vs. Pitt in the Backyard Brawl


All of the buildup comes to a head today. They say every game is like a playoff game in college football. There's seemingly always something to play for, even in the worst of seasons. There are games you circle on the calendar at the beginning of each season and there are games that are permanently circled. Yes, this game has Big East and BCS bowl implications. SO, WHAT!!! You can toss that out like the baby with the bathwater (or some other clever analogy). Disregard the records, league, bowl....everything. This is old fashioned RIVALRY. Not some made up, made for TV or the governor bullcrap. This is full on HATE!! They hate us and we hate them right back even more. So sit back and grab your favorite beverage and leave your comments below. IT'S TIME TO BRAWL!!!!!

Eat Shit Pitt!!!

And, as always...