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TSM Coaching Approval Meter (Post-Cincinnati, 2010)

A convincing win. Like sherbet served between courses of a meal, it did a lot to get the taste of the past few weeks. Unfortunately, the feeling is fleeting, because as awful as the courses before truly were, the taste is coming back gradually.

That's a very long-winded attempt at saying that this win was good, but more is going to be needed to put the earlier disappointments behind us. A lot more.

Still, the approval ratings have generally nowhere to go but up, considering we hit a paltry 3% two weeks ago. But how much higher will it go? How many people will see the 37-10 scoreline and jump back on the proverbial bandwagon? Or literally jump on it, I suppose, if there so happens to be a bandwagon driving through your town. Either way, stay tuned.

Last Week: 3.7%

Season Average: 36.1%