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Game Thread Of Bandwagon Repair: WVU vs. UNLV

And let's be clear, the bandwagon certainly needs an overhaul. Today could be a very early first step.

WVU enters today as a four touchdown favorite against the Runnin' Rebels of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A convincing win, and I mean really convincing, could help build momentum for the rest of the season. A lackluster performance, trademarked really at this point, and it will do nothing but build momentum in the opposite direction: against the coaching staff.

I look forward to what WVU can do today against an over-matched opponent. If we can win by 28, good. If we can win by 35, better. 60? Awesome. I'm worried, though, if the staff will again look satisfied at 17 (or so). It's a too likely scenario. We'll see, I guess.

So, if you're watching from home (or, hell, drunkenly tracking TSM from the game), strap in and make your comments known throughout the game.

And, as always...