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Saturday Post-Game Hangover: UConn Edition

These Hangovers really suck after a loss.  I think Andrew (of The UConn Blog) and I have traded emotions since this time yesterday.  Even he knows what happened, "This was not a UConn win, it was a Mountaineer loss."  All of the post-game media coverage is after the jump.

Recaps and Features:

Fumble recovery in overtime spurs UConn to first win over West Virginia - ESPN
Recap, Stats, Photos and Video

Huskies Win in OT - MSNsportsNET.Com

Article, Video and Photos

Chaos reigns: UConn upsets West Virginia - ESPN

Heat turned up after defeat, two losses in row for WVU - PPG
"Now it seems no one can ask enough questions -- pointed ones, at that -- aimed at Stewart and the direction he has the program headed."

West Virginia falls short, 16-13 in OT - PPG
"Now, Bill Stewart could be in deep trouble."

UConn 16, WVU 13 - WVU Sports with Mike Casazza
Casazza's Notebook

UConn beats WVU in overtime - Charleston Daily Mail

Another slips away - Charleston Gazette

Error-prone WVU falls in OT - Times West Virginian

Game Recap: WVU 13 UCONN 16 -

UConn defeats West Virginia in overtime 16-13 - The UConn Blog
From the mouth of the enemy:  "This was not a UConn win, it was a Mountaineer loss."

WVU shoves dagger in heart in horror show - Times West Virginian
Hertzel Column

WVU fumbles one away - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Repeat Performance - BGN

WVU Giving Away the Big East with Mounting Turnovers -

After consecutive defeats, Stewart not worried about losing team - Charleston Gazette

WVU Sacked Again, What's Next? -
The inset picture says it all

A pitiful showing - Martinsburg Journal
Oh, this is from last week....sorry, it's so hard to tell the difference anymore



WVU Football Photos WVU vs. UConn -

Photo Gallery II: WVU vs UConn - BGN



Bill Stewart: Postgame Press Conference -
Stewart talks about the Mountaineers disappointing loss to the Huskies and their seven fumbles.

UConn Highlights - Mountaineer TV

Mountaineer Report: UConn Postgame -
The coaches and players express their disappointment about the loss and talk about how the seven fumbles played a role in the loss.

VIDEO: Players and Coaches React to UConn Loss -
BS, Mullen, Casteel, Geno and Neild

WVU Football Videos -
Multiple options at the bottom to scroll through

Jeff Mullen: UConn Postgame -
Mullen talks about the offense and what the team is going to do to get back on track.

Chris Neild: UConn Postgame -
Neild talks about how to overcome losing two games in-a-row and gives his thoughts on the loss.

Geno Smtih: UConn Postgame -
Smith talks about the team's fumbles and losing two Big East games in-a-row.

Bruce Irvin: UConn Postgame -
Irvin gives his thoughts on the tough loss.

Bradley Starks: UConn Postgame -
Starks talks about the things that went right and wrong on offense.