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WVU vs. Syracuse: Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe

My life would be so better if I were to just write things down from time-to-time. I would be more likely to remember important dates. I would remember to buy skim milk, instead of the the more delicious 2% variety. Actually, I do that on purpose.

I have also been told that keeping a journal can help you get control of your emotions. "Write things down," the doctors in the psych ward would say. "It will stop the build-up of emotions from bubbling over into shoe throwing." Don't worry, I won't listen them.

Finally, writing things down would also help me remember what really made me go into a rage over the weekend. Good thing I have the police reports...


There was little to no enthusiasm at Mountaineer Field on Saturday. I felt as if I was walking into a funeral home, not a Mountaineer home game. Wait, would that qualify as foreshadowing? For the first time all season, however, I can understand why. While I still act like a kid on Christmas morning at Mountaineer games, I understand it is hard to get excited for short side run, short side run, QB pressure and then a punt. I found myself sitting on my hands in stunned silence at the ineptitude of our offense, while our defense was fighting to keep us in the game.


I have never understood the logic of giving up on a possession. You have four downs to get a first down. Statistics show that you should go for it on fourth down more often than not, though that is an argument for another day. The lameassery I am talking about is what happened early in the game Saturday. Jeff Mullen graduated from the Don Nehlen school of, "We are scared to throw the ball down the field so let's run an inside draw and give the ball back to the other team." Sure, it is the "safe" call in third and long situations. However, as we saw earlier in the year a fumble is almost as likely as an interception. Don't give up on a possession and please, for the love of God, try to get a first down.


That was the worst student crowd I have seen for a game while school is in session, EVER. They arrived later than normal, the sections never filled up, they made little to no noise and many left at halftime. It is finally time for the students to lose a section of seats. Every year, the problem gets worse and worse. Many stay in the parking lots to socialize instead of using their ticket to enter the game. You could call the student section a wasteland and it would fit all meanings of the word. If students would rather drink and socialize, that is great. Just give up your ticket to someone that will use it to cheer on the Mountaineers.


What is up with the renewed obsession with the wave at Mountaineer Field? I thought the wave died in the 90's. One of the loudest points of the game was when people were cheering on the wave. HELLO! There was a boring football game being played on the field. At least pretend to pay attention.


I may get slammed for this, but Mountaineer Field is UGLY. The press box is drab and looks run down. The nasty battleship grey colored walls look make everything seem dark and depressed. The shrubbery in the endzone is an embarrassment and shows the shortsighted nature of our previous administration. If it were not for the ribbon boards, the stadium would be absolutely devoid of color and energy. The Puskar Center has been modernized to impress recruits, but Mountaineer Field, our image to viewers around the country, has not been aesthetically improved since it was built in the 80's. I trust Luck will get the ball rolling on improving Mountaineer Field in the near future.


How in the hell did Syracuse beat us on Saturday? Jeff Mullen, Dave Johnson and Bill Stewart should donate their paychecks from Saturday's game to WVU Hospitals. I'm sure that would help cover the medical bills of all the WVU fans that repeatedly poked themselves in the eye during the game.