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TSM Coaching Approval Meter (Post-Syracuse, 2010)

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If you were concerned with the 20-6 scoreline from the USF game (which is what led our last approval meter post), then you're certainly concerned with a 19-14 scoreline, in favor of Syracuse.

This loss leaves the Mountaineers at 5-2 (1-1 conference), which is fine until you consider our strength of schedule ranks below Northern Arizona, Eastern Washington, South Dakota State, and Northern Colorado (we check in at 101st in the nation, according to Sagarin). It's also highly embarrassing to lose your homecoming game, not even considering it's to a team that you've beaten eight times in a row.

Of course, Coach Stewart doesn't seem overly concerned:

"We had a lot of positives out there [Saturday]. But the negatives outweighed them and, by golly, it's a great lesson in life.''

Listen, it's not by job to try to influence results of this poll, but it's impossible to ignore that things are not well in Mountaineer-land. I will stop my mini-rant here, only to say that when you do vote, please explain your vote in the comments. And, based on our new commenting rules, try to keep it as rational and organized as possible.

Go forth, young lads.

Last Week: 64%

Season Average: 53.3%