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EVERYONE: New Rules For Commenting

The Smoking Musket will not become a free-for-all, regardless of what happens on or off the field.  Please read the rules below to understand exactly what is expected as a member and commenter on this site.

1.) Don’t come off like a moron. Use proper punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling. A typo is fine on occasion because people make mistakes, but we expect a little effort on your part.  Make your comments easier to read by actually thinking about what you type before you type it.  This is a big problem on this site and it will not be tolerated any longer.  If you can't go out of your way to not write in all lower-case letters, or if using a period at the end of sentence is too much for you, find another site.  We're rising above this laziness.

2.) Don’t be annoying. Saying the same shit over, and over, and over, and over again, especially if we’ve already grown tired of you, will have you banned and your comments deleted.  If it's a reasonable point you're trying to make, make it in a reasonable and measured manner.

3.) Actually contribute to discussion. Drive-by commenting, character attacks, and general other acts of lameassery is discouraged. Disagreement, so long as there is proper reasoning behind your disagreement, is beyond welcomed – it’s encouraged. People are going to read some of these rules and think that we’re looking to stifle dissent. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re trying to keep this site from devolving into a clusterfuck, like most message boards out there.  This is, ideally, a place for people to reasonably and intelligently discuss WVU and college athletics in general. We’re not asking people to be nice to each other; we’re just asking people to be clever, articulate their points, and actually bring something to the table.