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WVU vs. Syracuse Grades: A Unit-By-Unit Look At The Mountaineers' Embarrassing Loss Against The Orange

Homecoming is a day to reminisce with friends about days of old over good food from the grill and a stiff drink (or drinks). It is a day to relax and watch your team pound a cupcake opponent into the ground.

This day worked out just as planned.

I bet many of you can guess my letter grades and what I'm going to say.  Let's hand'em out...

Offense:   F This was the most frustrating offensive performance since '07 Pitt. We couldn't run. We couldn't pass. We could only draw penalties to gain yards. Coming into the day I thought our offensive identity was pass first, but we were basically 50/50 today.  Unfortunately, neither of those 50s worked. It was ugly my friends and changes need to happen immediately to remedy this problem.

Geno Smith:  Keep your head up young man. You said everything right after the game to show that you are a leader and know you can do better. We need you the remainder of the season and two more to come.

Our Final Drive:  F  What the heck was that, Jeff Mullen? We didn't check off very often the entire game and yet we checked-off every play during that final drive. We wasted at least 3 minutes changing the play at the line. Horrible! That shows Mullen does not have confidence in himself to know the situation and defensive tendencies to call the correct play. This drive represents everything that is wrong with Jeff Mullen. No guts. No knowledge of situations or time.  Nothing productive. <SIGH>

Defense:  B+ As usual this unit kept us in the game and gave us a chance to win. I genuinely feel sorry Jeff Casteel. He has done everything right during his time at WVU and will likely be gone with HCBS.  If and when that does happen, hopefully he lands on his feet quickly.

Special Teams: D  We have trouble returning punts and our bugaboo of kick-off return coverage seems to be creeping up again. We get absolutely no pressure on our opponents punters and looked seemed to look uninterested at times.  What else can you say about a punt return unit that either fair-catches the punt, muffs it, or lets it bounce inside the 10 yard-line.

Jeff Mullen: F   Wait, he was coaching today? I thought a monkey was spinning a wheel between run to the short side and oops, I crapped my pants. Hopefully his pink slip was waiting for him after the game. Give me Don Nehlen over Mullen's inept playcalling any day of the week. I know it will not happen, but Mullen should be fired and the keys handed over to Chris Beatty. This experiment is over.

Bill Stewart:  F  I loved the fire he showed after a couple miscues on offense and a missed roughing the passer call. Having said that, this loss was absolutely inexcusable. There is no way to justify or sugar-coat such a terrible loss. I want HCBS to succeed at WVU, but the more I see, the more I come to realize it is not going to happen. I can wish for wins in one hand, shit in the other, and I know which one will fill up first now. The only way I give HCBS another year at this point is if he fires Mullen now and Chris Beatty shows he can coach an offense. At this point, any coach we hire can do the same job as Stew.