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TSM Coaching Approval Meter (Post-USF, 2010)

Since our victory against USF was on Thursday of last week, we'll go ahead and trot out the Approval Meter a day early. Don't say I never did anything for you guys.

20-6. It's a scoreline that has something for everyone. 6 points allowed is obviously awesome, as the defense has pretty much been all year. Of course, 20 points on offense doesn't quite shake the doubters, even with the dominance on the other side of the ball.

Either way, it was 20-6 for the good guys, and anyone will take a win against a team who rain or shine has had our number. Hopefully, after Thursday, that will no longer be the case. Will that be enough to raise his approval numbers? You'll just have to vote and see for yourselves.

Last week: 64%

Season average: 50.7%

Remember, after you vote, please explain said vote in the comments. As we all know, it's the comments where things get interesting. Good day.