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Game Thread (Of Confused Geography): #25 West Virginia vs. USF


There are two very disparate and competing factors tonight: 1) we don't lose home Thursday night games; and 2) South Florida is our nemesis.

Well, last time I checked, this is still a Thursday night game, and nothing in the past few years has been done to change our dominance over this spot on the weekly calendar. Meanwhile, USF has had a coaching change as well as a change in football priorities. Apparently, losing to Syracuse is now acceptable down in Tampa.

Either way, I can talk all I want, but South Florida still has our number until they don't, which is only accomplished by winning tonight. At a TD + FG favorite, we're certainly expected to win, but funny things happen when we play USF. Hopefully, those demons are exercised tonight.

I know it's a home game and 60,000 of our friends will be at Mountaineer Field, but if you're unlucky enough to be stuck at home watching the Mountaineers, join us in the comments for the typical rantings, ravings, and snarkfest. And, of course, a victory.

Oh, and just in case you thought I forgot...