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WVU vs. UNLV: Things That Make Me Want To Throw My Shoe

Every so often things work out absolutely perfectly. You drive downtown and hit every green light. When you are pulling in the Krispy Kreme parking lot, the Hot Doughnut sign turns on. You hit up Bent Willeys on a Friday night and a sorority has just had a "school girls" party. Perfection!

It finally seems like karma is on your side. This weekend was almost one of those weekends. Everything went right on the field and all of the above scenarios played out.

As usual, however, some things really got my blood pressure up. Get ready to duck, because some of these shoes may be directed at you...


How can fans that are so critical of a team that does not score a lot of points, leave the game early when we are scoring a lot of points? Does that make sense to anyone? Especially the guy that sits next to me. Over the last two years he has constantly bitched about not opening up the playbook. When we finally open up the playbook, he doesn't return to the stadium after halftime because he was "bored." Some people just don't want to be happy. Props to those that stayed the entire game!


I really hope Oliver Luck does something with "Touchdown Terrace." I love that we are bringing in a ton of money with the suites, but all those empty blue seats are an eye sore. They are never filled because it is either too hot, raining or too cold for people to be outside. Sell the seats if people are going to stay inside the entire game. Finally, take out the bushes and put some seats back. Please Mr. Luck, do something to improve the look of that endzone.


This is more of a public service announcement than an angry rant. Let's all join in the fight to get everyone to say W - V - U (clap) FIRSTDOWN. Instead of Who-Who-Who (clap) FIRSTDOWN. We are WVU, not an old man adjusting his hearing aide to hear who is on the phone.


When WVU wins a big game and mayhem ensues, ESPN makes it national news. When a team from the SEC, i.e., South Carolina, wins a big game and mayhem ensues, you don't hear a peep out of ESPN. From reporters on the scene, the antics of those in Columbia, SC after their victory over #1 Alabama, were far worse than anything that occurred in Motown.  I know the ESPN hates WVU angle is like beating a dead horse, but it still makes me mad.


After Saturday's officiating performance it will soon be illegal to tackle a guy if he is running too fast. The three personal foul penalties that lead to UNLV's only touchdown were absolute trash calls. Both late hit penalties were solid defensive plays on the ball. The roughing the passer penalty was the biggest joke of them all. Has that penalty ever been called when a QB is not tackled or hit in the head? He was only slightly touched after he released the ball. Did we fart near the ref or something? If Big East refs are going to continue making wussy calls, it could be a long season for our hard hitting secondary.