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TSM Coaching Approval Meter (Post-UNLV, 2010)

NOTE: It's a short week, so to encourage more voting, we're moving this to the closer to the top.

A bye week and a rout cures all ills, right?

Well, maybe not, but we can agree that it feels good to beat a team into submission every now and again. What, if anything, that means for the rest of the season, I really don't know. But, we won, we won handily, and we got our players some rest into a very short week. All in all, a success.

Still, there's the matter of the Coaching Approval Meter for this week. So far, this is how the numbers have looked this season:

Last week: 39%

Season average: 48.6%

Obviously, this week will be better than last, but how much? Make your vote known, and then after, please explain as best as possible in the comments. OK, enough intro, go to it.