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WVU vs. Rutgers: Most Awesome Player Of The Game, Truck Bryant

I have randomly thrown shoes, moped around and had a few too many glasses of Johnny Walker Red over the past few days.  The holes in my wall, worn out sweatpants and my liver cannot take anymore depression.  It is time to suck it up, put football season behind me and get over the New Year's Day Massacres.

It is officially basketball season bitches. That means I am back once again to proudly present to you, the Most Awesome Player of the Game (MAPOG), Truck Bryant.  Truck played only 20 minutes but scored 15 points, had two assists, grabbed two rebounds, along with two steals.

While he may not have the best stat line of the game, Truck made the biggest difference with his ability to handle the ball and start the offense.  If he is healthy, everyone can play their natural position and the offense will flow more effectively.

We played a complete game from beginning to end.  We won and our starters got some much needed rest at the end of the game.  This could be a key game that gets us ready for the remainder of our schedule.  Let's Go Mountaineers!