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WVU vs. FSU: Grades And Recap

What the hell did we do to 2009 to deserve this start to 2010?

I am still recovering from WVU’s New Year’s Day suckfest. It sucked more than an Alpha Phi after a date party, minus the herpes.

Not only was I forced to watch the game in Shittsburgh because of a friend's wedding but I also had to hear and smell a homeless person talk shit about West Virginia. Friday, was the closest I have ever come, to killing a bum on purpose. That marks eleven trips to Pittsburgh for WVU sporting events and zero positive experiences.

For the most part, we sucked. There were, however, some bright spots, despite some fans continued extreme negativity. Grades after the jump...

Noel Devine: A I only gave him an A because he should have walked up to the box and Pac-Man’d Jeff Mullen in the third quarter. Devine was running hard and absolutely could not be stopped in the first half. Then he was only given the ball five times in the second half. Was he being stopped in the second half? No, he averaged 8.2 yards a carry in the 3rd quarter. Devine did not touch the ball in the 4th quarter.

Offensive Line/Offense: D Noel Devine and Ryan Clarke are the only two players that decided to show up on Friday. Receivers dropping balls, Devine made a lot of his yards on his own and the line gets a zero for pass blocking. I am not sure if it is coaching or if our linemen are just terrible. Judging from the fact that NFL scouts and Big East coaches think Capers is good I think it is coaching. Dave Johnson needs to be thanked for his service and then let go.

Tackling: F Was it the break or did all the slobber from the Bobby Bowden lovefest get on FSU’s jersey’s? Either way we did not tackle. To me, our lack of tackling was the most disappointing part of the game. We had defenders in the right positions but they could not make the play. Very frustrating.

Robert Sands: A+ He is a freaking beast and will be an All-American next year.

Special Teams: C Stew needs to either give up responsibilities for this unit or make Casteel give up some of his guys for kick coverage. We need speed and a bunch of scrubs don’t have it.

Coaching: D The only reason they get this grade is because Beatty has helped coach up Noel Devine and he has to get some credit in a horrible performance by this team.

Season: C Disappointing but we have a good to great group of talent returning next year. Stew’s seat is getting hotter because we did not improve from year 1 to year 2. Should he be fired, no. Should he make some coaching changes, yes.

Pastilong Returning: F Gov. Joe Manchin, keep your opinion to yourself and worry about running the state and not the athletic department. Shut it, please. More on this later in the week.