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WVU Students: Intimidating or Idiots?

Some of you may be tired of talking about it but watch me disregard your feelings and talk about it anyway. No, I will not talk about our great football coach Bill Stewart again. Instead, I am going to dive head first into the seemingly endless debate on student misbehavior at WVU sporting events.

The students terrible behavior reared its ugly head again during Saturday’s game against tOSU. There were countless times on TV that you could hear "Fuck U Turner," "Fuck the Buckeyes," or "Fuckeyes" chants. While these are all very original cheers, which took hours to think up, they need to stop.

One of the toughest places to play is Cameron Indoor and those nerds don't curse out opposing teams. They come up with classic chants like "Sheed can't read." That is funny and could really get into a players head. I don't want to become Duke, because annoying white guys that flop a lot are not fun to watch, but intimidating teams without looking like uneducated morons can be done.

More ranting after the jump...

While our fanbase will never have a spotless image, we could at least make an attempt to clean it up. After the Uconn game, countless national and local media outlets praised WVU’s students and our fanbase in general, for our handling of Jasper Howard’s death. Positive media attention, for a group that is normally considered couch burning hillbillies, was a good thing but it did not last as we were later voted worst in the Big East in fan behavior.

Our students do not need to be angels, but some originality from them in their cheers, would go a long way to helping our University’s image.

I am not advocating kicking students out for cursing, you will never stop anyone from doing that randomly at games. What I am advocating is the end of ignorant cheers like, "Luke’s a Faggot" and "Fuck whoever we are playing" cheers. It is not intimidating and only serves to hurt our image.

While I was a student my favorite chant was "Troy likes boys." It gets across the same message as the Luke cheer, but in a less derogatory manner.

I end by posing this question to you: