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WVU vs. Marshall: MAPOG - Da'Sean Butler

The annoyance that is Marshall College has been smacked down again.  While it was not pretty, we got the win and broke the heart of all 3 Marshall fans in attendance.  Just like football, you are just not at WVU's level.  Nice try, see ya next year.

Another cold shooting night, left me shaking my head as I exited the Civic Center.  This time, however, the misses came from two inches away from the rim.  I have never before seen a team miss that many lay-ups and put backs in my life.  It left us vulnerable and needs to change very quickly if we are going to move back into the Top 10.

A bright spot for the 22 minutes he was actually on the floor was, Da'Sean Butler.  He scored 16 points, 6 rebounds and 1 steal.  That is not a great stat line, but for only playing 22 minutes it is not too shabby.

That brings me to my last point.  Does any "star player" in the nation get more cheap fouls called on him than Da'Sean Butler? He had two horrible calls that would never be called on a Harangody or Scottie Reynolds.  Granted, if he stopped showing up the refs after every call, they would probably give him more. 

Either way, the refs sucked last night.  I'm just glad we came out with the W.  After all, getting the win, is all that matters!