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Adjusting Expectations For WVU Basketball

Before the start of WVU’s basketball season I was very optimistic about our potential. We returned everyone but Alex Ruoff and added some much needed size and outside shooting. Looking at our roster and our schedule, I predicted four losses for this extremely talented basketball team.

Recently, however, we are becoming a finesse team that lacks the toughness and aggressive play that is Bob Huggins signature. We allow teams to push us outside and are content to settle for outside jumpers. This was fine under Belien but we do not have the outside touch to shoot 37 threes a game.

Fans can blame the refs all they want for WVU being next to last in the Big East in free throw attempts at 13 per game. (stat courtesy of Mich Vingle) However, if you settle for jump shots, you are not going to spending much time at the free throw line.

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My main concern is the production, or lack thereof, of Devin Ebanks. A kid with potential superstar talent, is just a little off recently. Some have said that, these kids are not on the same page but hell, Devin may not be reading the same book. Devin seems to be reading Hustler while the others are reading War and Peace.

We have seen glimpses of his immense talent and I know we will see it again before the season is over. I just hope we see it sooner, rather than later. Looking into my crystal ball, I see Devin having a Joe Alexander type run to end the season. I have faith young man.

Having seen these struggles of late, I am adjusting my outlook on the season. Looking into my crystal ball again, I see at least five more losses to come in Big East play.

Jan 13 at USF                 W

Jan 16 Syracuse             W

Jan 20 vs. Marshall         W

Jan 23 Ohio State            L

Jan 26 at DePaul             W

Jan 30 Louisville              L

Feb 3 Pitt                          W

Feb 6 at St. John's           W

Feb 8 Villanova                 W

Feb 12 at Pitt                     L

Feb 17 at Providence      W

Feb 20 Seton Hall            W

Feb 22 at Connecticut     L

Feb 27 Cincinnati            W

Mar 1 Georgetown           W

Mar 6 at Villanova             L

Mar. 9 - ? Big East           Semifinals

Having said all the above, if our players come together, we still have the talent and coaching to make a run to the Final Four.  I'm still optimistic, but not as confident in my optimism.