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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Wednesday Edition (9/9/09)

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Welcome By-Godders to the best damn link dump around...The Shotgun/Throwdown. Our sponsor today, in honor of The Beatles and our Miss Throwdown, is Newcastle Brown Ale.

Not much to comment on here, so I'll just get on with it. Send in your tips and see you after the jump:

What you may have missed:

Stew's Views: Week 2 Press Conference -

WVU kicker wins Big East honors - PPG

Football: Selected Player Quotes - MSNsportsNET.Com

Julian Miller on QB's: "I don’t like them. I try to let them know it with my pads rather than my mouth."

Me: That's kind of arrogant considering who your competing against.

JM: Yes, Sir.

Me: Good, I like that in a DE.

Preview: WVU vs East Carolina -
Here's the first preview this week.

Big East power rankings - College Football Nation - ESPN
NCAA College Football news, commentary, scores, stats, standings, audio and video highlights from ESPN.

Week 1 Big East notebook -

West Virginia - Team Notes -

News of Note:

Getting kinks out of kicks Sky kick works best for WVU - Dominion Post
Free online article. Continuation hidden at the top corner.

WVU kick return woes not so bad - Charleston Daily Mail

WVU downsizes at defensive end - The Charleston Gazette
Julian Miller is profiled.

WVU’s Miller hopes to control ECU quarterback Pinkney - The Times West Virginian
Another Julian Miller profile.

Neild's reputation growing at West Virginia -
Chris Neild is profiled.

Five WVU Freshmen To Watch: No. 5, QB Eugene Smith - Bleacher Report
TBR writer has a little countdown of impact freshman on this year's team. I'm behind on this but, I'll put up one a day until we're caught up.

First test for WVU Saturday - Parkersburg News and Sentinel
Evidently Liberty was a quiz and this week is a test.

HERTZEL COLUMN: Holtz a personable coach - The Times West Virginian

Stewart, Holtz eye quarterback matchup - Charleston Daily Mail
Pinkney is a sixth-year senior. And I thought he was on year bad.

ECU’s defensive line facing tougher test at WVU -
Let's all hope so.

Stewart hoping for quicker start against ECU - The Register-Herald
Again, let's all hope so.

ECU's Holtz Sees Major Challenge in WVU -
Skip talks about the upcoming game against WVU.

Offense determined to deliver -
Evidently ECU is concerned their offense disappeared the second half last week.


Recruiting visits will pick up for WVU - The Charleston Gazette
We never used even get these kinds of kids to visit, much less commit.

Ed Orgeron, Charlie Strong among the top 25 recruiters - ESPN
Doc's in here...surprise, surprise. I have a feeling we have a couple other guys just on the outside cusp of this list too.

Football recruiting now a 24/7/365 event - ESPN
Here's a breakdown of the recruiting calendar, for those who are interested.

Around the league (and beyond):

Rutgers must regroup after opening fiasco - Big East - ESPN
You don't say.

Don't Believe the Hype - Protect R Turf
Destroying Louisville and winning the Pizza Bowl "in gritty fashion" convinced you? WTF!?!? Go back to your corner.

Hathaway to Connecticut: Quit being assholes -

Kragthorpe says Cards may offer some different looks against UK - The Courier-Journal
But unfortunately Krags still manning the sideline is still one of the looks.

Shuffling Off to Buffalo - Pitt Blather
Pitt's traveling to Buffalo. Let that sink in. They agreed on a return game to Buffalo.

USF coach Leavitt giving up Twitter - Tampa Tribune
USF coach Jim Leavitt said he is giving up Twitter after he learned his players were sending Tweets from the locker room.

Is UC really this good? - The Cincinnati Enquirer
It was Rutgers that to Oklahoma or even VT last year and we could talk.

Penn State Might Win The Game But Syracuse Fans Have Already Won The War - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
I don't know which is more disturbing, Classic Day in Happy Valley or Courage Day in the Dome. I'm pretty sure the Classic is for real...not sure about the other one. But, with Cuse and their current state, you never know.

QB Jevan Snead among Ole Miss Rebels players feeling sick - ESPN
Flu-like symptoms continue to ravage the Mississippi football team, even sacking quarterback Jevan Snead.

Lee Corso, ESPN GameDay host, returns after stroke in May -
I wouldn't wish a stroke on anybody and I will admit he's funny at times, but as far as his actual football analysis....he's an ass.

Power rankings - Andy Staples -
At least he admits his are guesses.

The 50 Most Brutal College Football Hits - Complex Blog
If you got the time...not sure if we have any in there. Post in the comments if you find any please.

College Football Personality Test - Rumors and Rants
For your amusement.

What's on tap:

The Beatles. The catalog is re-released today after getting the remastered treatment and the Rock Band game with their songs and likenesses is released. Rumors abound with an iTunes announcement today too. (Sorry, but Tuesdays and Wednesdays this time of year kind of suck for sports)

Videos of Interest:

I don't like to post things twice but I found the HQ video of the Fiesta Bowl Pre-game speech and felt it needed posting.

I also had a request for the current entrance video, which we have been unable to locate as yet, but with Dougity Dog's help, we'll try to get it recorded this weekend and posted next week. To tide you over until then, here's last year's:

Miss Throwdown:

Today's Miss Throwdown hails from Wales, UK and got famous on their version of Big Brother. I present Miss Imogen Thomas. This pic leads to a "WOW" gallery.