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Palm Beach Post's Jason Lieser On Travis Bell


Let's first be clear: this is all conjecture.  But things seem to setup well for a Mountaineer commitment from standout Glades Central (FL) safety Travis Bell.

As stated in the first message, Bell intended to commit today, his birthday.  That didn't happen, which looks ominous for the good guys.  But, when you take a look at Bell's schedule, you'll notice he's slated to be in Morgantown this weekend.  Wouldn't it make sense that he wouldn't commit two days before visiting WVU?

There's been no sign on the recruiting front to signal he's no longer favoring the Mountaineers, so I wouldn't be shocked if we get a Bell verbal on Sunday or Monday.  Though, we also have to remember that Lieser called a Pahokee verbal to WVU just a few months ago, and that never happened, so take everything with a grain of salt.  Which is a good idea in recruiting no matter what.