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It Used To Be Us vs. Them; Now, It's Us vs. Us.

We're all on the same side here, right?  I have to ask, because the last few months have seemed anything but cheery.

Here were are, starting into the middle of football season, and last thing people want to talk about is Mountaineer football.  Not really, anyway.  Sure, they might mention Mountaineer football, but they'd rather talk about everything around Mountaineer football.

When I read other blogs, there is a certain camaraderie with their own fans that exists.  They might not love each other, but they visit the site to talk about their own team, make fun of others, and slam the occasional troll.  That's why I started this site.  Message boards suck -- Smoking Musket was supposed to be different.  Instead, at least lately, there's been so much infighting here that it just makes the site an unpleasant place.  Just like a message board.

Now, let's be straight: I don't want to fucking sing kumbaya and be a big, happy family.  That shit's for Marshall and other loser schools.  What I want everyone to be on this site is a Mountaineer fan.  It doesn't have to be the classic, "you're either with us or against us," but you at least have to be travelling the same direction.  And I certainly don't get that idea from everybody.

I lack answers on how to get everyone back on the same side here at this site.  I feel like we can be both positive and negative towards certain aspects of the program while still being positive in general towards our school and team.  Lord knows I don't agree with everything that goes on at WVU, considering I ran my own ficitonal (maybe) campaign for athletic director.  But I go to the games, cheer like hell, and would rather see us win rather than lose, regardless of anything else on the periphery.

Is it unreasonable to hope the same of others?