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Rutgers Sucks. Rutgers Sucks. Rutgers Sucks.

Yes, that's right, Rutgers sucks.

If you haven't been paying attention at home, someone at this site (cough, who?) has been calling this for months.  Don't believe me?  Maybe remember my conversation with Greg Schiano, or my constant ridiculing of their progress as a program, or even that one time where they're always rumored to leave the conference.  Hell, just earlier this week, I took Cincinnati to cover the points.  So, needless to day, my anti-Rutgers street cred is firmly establised.

Which is why I take issue at comments like this:


Who exactly did that stun?  Not anyone with any brains.  And certainly not anyone that didn't find themself so caught up in the national media's insane hype machine, which will needlessly have the Big East looking bad because of Rutgers' demise.

So, again, thanks Rutgers for proving me right.  Your abomination of a football program is a thorn in the sides of every other Big East team.  Not because you might win games, but because we have to listen constantly to hype that simply will never come true.

Now, please, go away.