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The Ridiculousness of Boise State

I wish I could wipe the smile off Boise State the way LaGarrette Blount is about to do.

As of last night, I will no longer listen to anyone from a smaller conference that wants to argue the merits of Boise State, etc.  A few things that I learned during an absolute bore of a game (minus the punch, of course):

  • Boise State hosted a ranked team for the first time in their entire history.  That's right, their entire history.  This is a program that I'm supposed to take seriously?
  • On a related note, the announcers would not shut up about Boise State's sparkling home record.  But if this is the first ranked team you've played at home, why is that home record impressive at all?  The short answer: it's not.
  • The Broncos won a game on September 3rd, then immediately the talk turns to their eventual BCS win.  Usually, this is where I'd say something like, "I'm sorry, but that's just stupid."  But I won't apologize because I'm not sorry -- that's just stupid.  You can't possibly expect to be taken seriously nationally if you win one game, against a team not even in the top 15, and then proclaim a march to the BCS.
  • After the game, as a defense to Boise State's schedule, the ESPN announcers made sure that we were aware the Broncos has to travel to both Tulsa and Louisiana Tech.  Must I even make a snarky remark?  It's truly below me in this instance.

    I don't care how good Boise State really is as a football team, the circumstances surrounding their program and season just don't add up to legitimacy in my mind.  If they played a mid-2000s Fresno State schedule, where you took on all comers, then I could understand.  But road trips to Louisiana Tech as a high point of the schedule makes it laughable.