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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Friday (9/4/09) Edition

Welcome By-Godders to the Shotgun Throwdown, gameday preparation edition, brought to you today by Milwaukee's Best Light.

Aahhhh, Milwaukee's Best Light: getting WVU students drunk for more years than we can probably count. We've finally reached Gamecon 1. The first game of the season is tomorrow. It's been a long off-season and it's finally time for the games to start. The weather is set to be AWESOME, so crack open a Milwaukee's Best Light and drink your face off. I'll be there. Will you? I've included some things near the bottom to hopefully help you get prepared mentally for game day tomorrow. All I can say is you guys better appreciate this one. I fought the editor (computer editor program, not Charley) for hours last night trying to get this one just right. The tipline is in dire need of suggestions and requests.

Note: Monday's show may be a little later than usual, but I'll be doing one just the same.

The show starts.....NOW!!!:

What you may have missed:

Colin Dunlap's WVU football chat transcript - PPG
Our new beat writer from the PPG had a chat session yesterday. Good riddance to Chuck Finder!!!

Womens' Soccer: No. 7 WVU Nets 4-0 Win - MSNsportsNET.Com

Stewart: I've Taken Jock Sanders to the Woodshed -
eersports gets in the notebook mode too.

Defense dominates as Gamecocks nab second straight season-opening win - ESPN
Afterward, the Ole Ball Coach, said, "My offense did what? Against WHO?" Then he slammed his visor.

Postgame punch mars No. 14 Boise State's commanding win over No. 16 Oregon - ESPN
Oregon's LeGarrette Blount (who made a bulletin board statement earlier in the week) sucker punched Boise State's Byron Hout after the game. Updated with video:

Oregon's LeGarrette Blount apologizes, Chip Kelly considers punishment for sucker punch - Behind The Ducks Beat

News of Note:

Walking in the Dark - MSNsportsNET.Com
I actually really like the guy as our coach, but I can't get over the fact that he used to teach the sport walleyball (that's not a typo) when he was at Shepherd. My friend's wife took the class.

Transfers give Liberty a boost - The Charleston Gazette

Devine , WVU Happy with Underdog Role -

Brown ready to lead WVU - Charleston Daily Mail

WVU attack has plenty of weapons - Charleston Daily Mail

Devine bonding with offensive line - The Times West Virginian

Sowers’ patience pays off - The Times West Virginian
Hertzel's Column

West Virginia's Brown anxious to take control - PPG
Wouldn't you be too?

Brown passing on knowledge -The Register-Herald

Big East begins not with a bang - The Charleston Gazette
Vingle's Notebook

Brains of the operation - The Charleston Gazette
Hickman says the lineman are the smartest guys on the field...and for good reason. I knew that. Eric Jobe is an me.

Williams raring to go at WVU - Cumberland Times-News

2010 NFL Draft- An early look at the top prospects on offense -
Our only listed player is Selvish Capers. I just hope he lives up to that kind of hype beyond just his size..

Florida wins title, Colt McCoy wins Heisman, more picks -
Big preview page (bowls, awards, etc.)

Around the League (and beyond):

Big East records that could fall in '09 - ESPN

Bearcats have a new teammate - The Cincinnati Enquirer
Actually, a nice story from Cincinnati.

Slick Rick Doing His Best Not To Get Screwed - Rumors and Rants
When in doubt, hire their coach.

Will Stein named backup quarterback - Card Chronicle
Redshirt Freshman Walk-on Will Stein, if you will.

UCLA Bruins will play at Rose Bowl on Sept. 5 despite wildfire -

2009 College Football: All-Name Team - America's White Boy

Top 10 College Football Entrances - RealClearSports
We aren't anywhere on this list. Just some cool entrances to see (with videos). I don't agree with #1, at least with it being #1 (but that may just be the Mountaineer in me). I would love for us to one day have something that would warrant being on this list.

What's on tap:

WVU football hosts Liberty (DUH!!!) - noon kickoff, Mountaineer Field at Mylan Puskar Stadium

Men's Soccer: WVU Welcomes No. 16 UCSB - MSNsportsNET.Com
The men open their official season (they had a couple exhibitions) tonight in the 1st Annual WVU/Nike Classic at 8pm at Dick Dlesk Soccer Stadium.

Today in Schadenfreude:

This was too good not to post (Thanks to Jimmy Traina of Hot Clicks):

Video of Interest:

Leave No Doubt!!! I could watch this every day.

Video of (Dis)Interest:

I can't decide if the shots are more impressive or if the toys/props are (thanks again Jimmy):

Tailgate Menu Item of the Week:

I know 5YS featured it before but I'm bringing it back (and I WILL try it before the season is over): The Bacon Explosion!!! The pic links to the recipe.

Miss Throwdown:

The season starts tomorrow and I'm pulling out all the stops today. Our sponsor image today reminded me of the movie scene that really introduced the world to our Miss Throwdown. Today's Miss Throwdown is none other than the hottest woman on the planet...Megan Fox. The second pic leads to more.

The last line of this get's me every time: