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News And Notes From HCBS Statewide Sportsline

Last night I attended the HCBS Statewide Sportsline at the Waterfront Place Hotel. It was a pretty damn good time and a lot of people came out to see the show. The cheerleaders and some members of the band were there to entertain the fans during commercial breaks.

Normally, this thing is just a bunch of idiots calling in to tell the coach what he did wrong. This time, however, we actually got some good information because people asked smart questions.

Here are the highlights:
  • Old school uniform combo: Blue tops and Gold pants
  • Throughout the show he kept saying, "I believe it in my heart that _____." While that is great, I just hope he is making decisions with his head.
  • This is one of my pet peeves. Do NOT tell everyone that you are going to hang up and listen to what they have to say. Just hang up and listen. Before you started to ask your question you did not say, "I'm going to begin to move my lips and speak now." Just do it. Don't tell us about it.
  • HCBS talked about how Dave Johnson makes the linemen learn every position on the line. Why? To me this seems a little confusing and completely unnecessary. We will see how it works but I have my doubts.
  • Every instate kid will have an opportunity to play football at WVU if he is good enough.
  • Special teams is still a big question mark. Early in the game we will not kick field goals outside the 25 yard line. From the 35 we are in 4 down territory because HCBS has faith in our D.
  • Wes Lyons has the best vertical on the team. 40 inches. DAMN
  • One of the most interesting facts HCBS talked about was how press man coverage has been our achilles over the last few years. Our WR's have not been able to take DB's one on one. This has allowed teams to load the box against the run. The strength and quickness of our WR's, along with motion, will hopefully stop this and allow little number 7 to run wild through the Big East.