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Colorado Buffaloes and Defense: Like Oil and Vinegar

Colorado has broken triple digits in most every defensive statistical category, and in this case, more is not better.  This is a Buffalo squad that ranks 101st in total defense, 103rd in passing defense, and 100th in rushing defense.  As you'll notice, they're very consistent -- consistently awful.   They are 77th in scoring defense, however, which I guess is their own little sad version of "bend, don't break."

As further proof, here is the animated drive-chart for the Colorado vs. Toledo game from earlier this season.  If you're wondering how that game turned out without going through the drive-chart, Toledo is still scoring...more than two weeks later.  Yes, it was ugly.

This also might give everyone a quick clue on why the Mountaineers are 18 point favorites this Thursday night.  And honestly, I don't see why it's not more.