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Redemption Thursday: WVU vs. Colorado

A little over a year ago HCBS looked absolutely lost on the sidelines in Boulder, Colorado. That is why I have labeled Thursday night's game against Colorado, "Redemption Thursday." The Mountaineers, not only, need to bounce back after a tough loss to Auburn. HCBS also needs to look competent on the sidelines in front of a national TV audience.

HCBS's image took a major hit when he closed his eyes and constantly played with his headset at Folsom Field. Fair or unfair, many fans and commentators have not gotten over the above image in judging HCBS's performance as head ball coach of the Mountaineers.

Thursday night should be a showcase for our new look high powered offense and a chance for HCBS to rehabilitate his image. I would call for him to do a couple running side bumps but that could lead to a broken hip. All I will say is, keep your eyes open and if you can't figure out the headset, just break it. That is a lot cooler image than the Alzheimer's act he put on last year.