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A Thank You To Auburn Fans!

During the week there was a ton of trash talk on this site between WVU and Auburn fans.  Following that, one would think that the experience in Auburn would be something like it is in Morgantown during game weekends.  Meaning, fans would yell expletives and generally treat visiting fans somewhat poorly.  That could not be further from our actual experience in Auburn.

I was never cursed or even yelled at by "real" Auburn fans while walking around Auburn.  The worst I heard all weekend was "War Damn Eagle."  I was invited into multiple tailgates for adult beverages, great food and stories about Auburn football.

It was a great weekend and I was impressed by everything I saw, especially the co-eds.  Southern hospitality is alive and well in Auburn, Alabama. Thank you to all the fans I met this weekend and to all those that visited the site over the last week.  We hope y'all come back and share your views any time.

I will be rooting for the Tigers the rest of the season.  Good luck and thanks for everything, except the loss!