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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Wednesday (9/16/09) Edition

Welcome, By-Godders (and yes, even welcome to you Bammers and Barners that have discovered our little internet nest) to the best link dump around. Today, we're sponsored by Grolsch, in honor of today's Miss Throwdown.

Wow, I go to bed early one night and miss all of the fun of that latest post. It's always fun when the Bammers and Barners find something new to fight over. I think I've found some things near the bottom of this post that we all can agree upon. It's my mission in life to bring people together. So, sit back, enjoy and don't forget to send in your tips.

What you may have missed:

Bill Stewart: Auburn Press Conference - WVMETRONEWS.COM
Direct link to the entire video stream included.

Stew's Views: Injury Recovery -
Text highlights of the above presser.

Football: Selected Player Quotes - MSNsportsNET.Com

Twitter / Coach Bill Stewart
"ESPN said that the East Carolina - WVU game was the most consumed college football game in terms of total hours viewed on" Any chance that gets us on regular TV in the future? Here's hoping, but not counting on it.

West Virginia Football 2009: Week Two Awards - Bleacher Report
TBR dishes out it's's all about timing fellas, timing.

Beilein's buyout illegal, auditors say - The Charleston Gazette
Well ain't that a kick in the nuts...At least the money's still coming and the University gets it.

Big 12 could play bowl game in Yankee Stadium - Dallas Morning News
More on the Yankee Bowl.

News of Note:

West Virginia Notebook: Potent Auburn on tap - PPG
Dunlap's Notebook.

Matching Wits - MSNsportsNET.Com
Caridi pontificates about Malzahn and Casteel.

Auburn having special woes, too - The Charleston Gazette
This could be interesting.

Injury news good, not so good - The Charleston Gazette
This could pun intended.

Top WVU defenders day-to-day for Auburn - Charleston Daily Mail
Another update and notebook.

WVU defensive injuries a concern - The Times West Virginian

HERTZEL COLUMN: Speed a factor for Mountaineers - The Times West Virginian

WVU takes page from Southeastern Conference - The Register-Herald
Speed kills and everybody knows it.

Brown a study in dignity - Parkersburg News and Sentinel

Jarrett Brown Q&A: WVU QB finally gets his chance - Sporting News

J.T. Thomas using words, as well as his actions, to guide defense -

Prized Florida Wideout Explains WVU Commitment -

Wife Says Finau Still WVU-Bound -
Legitimate explanation given in the 1st paragraph....but this is getting worse than Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti combined.

Major WVU Hoops Prospect Nearing a Decision -
Highly sought basketball recruit Rod Odom enjoyed WVU visit, is moving closer to making a decision.

Oklahoma State tumbles, Michigan rises in College Power Rankings - Andy Staples -
This ass clown still has ND ranked. We are in his "next five" now though. Where's Auburn?

Around the League (and beyond):

Big East rumblings, coaching moves, recruiting news - The Charleston Gazette
Vingle's Noteboook.

UConn's Endres, Witten have stomach bug - Big East - ESPN

UConn looks to bounce back at Baylor - Big East - ESPN

Bulls look to last cupcake before FSU - Big East - ESPN

Dion Lewis Having An Impact - Pitt Blather
Against Buffalo and me after he's played a real team.

Syracuse Fans Just Kidding About All That "Support" Stuff - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Remember when "The Dome" was intimidating? Yeah, me neither.

OSU's Riley: UC might be best team in Ohio - The Cincinnati Enquirer
Of course he's gonna say that.

Cavalcade of Whimsy-Boot The Big East -

Auburn Runs Out to Hot Star - The Quad Blog -
Auburn has been surprising with its strong early performance.

Great expectations: Auburn's Chizik tries to confine optimism - Montgomery Advertiser

Forde Yard Dash - ESPN
We check in at #25 of Mr. Forde's weekly rundown.

Picture of the Day:

I think even the Bammers and Barners can agree with us to hate on this one. We get these Leauxsers next year. Courtesy of EDSBS.


Bonus Gallery of the Day:

Sadly, this lady from New Hampshire didn't have what it takes to make the cut of Miss Throwdown. Which means I couldn't find a video of her awesomeness. Meet our 1st runnerup today, Valerie Cormier.

Miss Throwdown:

Today's Miss Throwdown is half Spanish and half Dutch. And as some say, if you ain't Dutch, you ain't much. Meet Lorena Van Heerde.