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Here Comes The Hotstepper: Mountaineer Football Marches Toward Auburn’s Plains

What do The 25314 and Ini Komoze have in common besides being lyrical ganstas?

We both know what Bo don't know. Murderer.

Namely that WVU is about to go commit a War Eagle genocide on the Plains this Saturday. Murderer.

I've been shouting for over a year that Jeff Mullen is killing Mountaineer football. Murderer.

I wanted to shout it from the top of a mountain, but I didn't have a mountain. I had a camera and a newsroom weblog...and I like it like that. Murderer.

But I saw something Saturday that gave me a strange tingling sensation deep down in the cockles of my heart, maybe even in the subcockles, that I hadn't felt since Nov. 24, 2007. It was a feeling of hope. A feeling of potential. A feeling of dominance.

It was a team that that moved the ball at will. A defense that forced punts. A feeling that I was watching a strong football team.

Of course, the first quarter was embarassing. The special teams were astonishing. And the conservative play calls the last two drives were disheartening. But stil.....there was something there.

I still don't like the offense, or the philosophy. I hate the pistol and the absence of read and triple options. But we were scoring points on Saturday. With ease. At will. And that gets me excited everytime.

WVU has the potential to be top 10 again. If they can overcome themselves, there's no reason we shouldn't win big and be 9-0 on Nov. 13 against Cincinnati.

You read it here first (except for Bo Jackson...he's dsylexic and doesn't know diddley)

Bo, you don't know DIddley! (via Crotchrot)