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The Shotgun/Throwdown: Tuesday (9/1/09) Edition

Welcome By-Godders to the Shotgun/Throwdown, the best damn WVU Link Sanitary Landfill (who are we kidding) Dump known to man. Today's edition is brought to you by St. Pauli Girl.

I'm a bit giddy today. The countdown to game day is at Gamecon 4 and we're getting closer by the second. Basketball is starting their pre-season workouts with coaches. Schadenfreude is happening in EPIC proportions up North. BTW, I left a big one out of the Schadenfreude section. Stay tuned, I think Country Roads has some more fun to share later. The tipline is always open for tips/suggestions/requests. UPDATE: I've added a few more since the first posting. On with the show.

What you may have missed:

Liberty Week Begins -
Another notebook.

Women’s Soccer: Mountaineers Fall In OT - MSNsportsNET.Com
Women drop a 1-0 game to #25 BYU.

Stewart Currently Most Popular WVU Coach of Last Three Decades - WSAZ News Channel 3
I had heard about this last night but couldn't find it. Thanks Charley.

WVU Varsity Sports Report -
The "other" sports are reviewed here.

Pacman agrees to one-year deal to play in Canada -
ADAM is going WAAAYYYY up north.

Schiano keeps quarterback decision a secret - ESPN

Pitt Football Notebook: Wannstedt will try again to redshirt QB Bostick - PPG

Alabama's Deaderick shot in arm - ESPN
Even football players get mugged.

UCLA Bruins plan to play opener, keep eye on fires - ESPN
UCLA Bruins plans to play its football season opener while monitoring the wildfires in the Los Angeles hills above the Rose Bowl.

Top players, coaches, team fans honored in Herbie Awards - ESPN
Herbie dished out his annual pre-season awards. Barksdale posted this earlier in the Fanshots.

News of Note:

WVU's Barclay Has Jarrett Brown's Back -
Back from a broken leg and ready to go.

10 games to watch in the Big East this season - ESPN

Big East preseason position rankings: Linebacker - ESPN
Bennett ranks the BE Linebackers.

Big East preseason position rankings: Defensive back - ESPN
and the DB's. 2009-2010 Bowl Projections ... Pre-Week 1
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl January 4, Phoenix, AZ 8 pm Fox BCS vs. BCS (Big 12 Champion, if available) Projection: Oklahoma vs. West Virginia.

College Football Countdown: 22-19 Kansas, Iowa, West Virginia and North Carolina - Aaron Torres Sports
As posted by PacMan321 in the Fanshots section.

Deep Thoughts - MSNsportsNET.Com
from the voice of Pravda, Comrade Antonik.

BE Notebook - MSNsportsNET.Com
Antonik's version

Beecher gets Liberty from Gamecock days - The Charleston Gazette
Our first opposing QB, a former Gamecock under Spurrier, is profiled.

Huggins Says WVU Has a ‘Real Chance’ - Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register
Huggs made a stop at the BMAC fundraiser.

For Less Than A Dollar A Day, You Can Help Syracuse Football - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Proceeds raised by the sale of orange t-shirts on Saturday go to help...Syracuse football.

Fans Cannot Be Involved in Recruiting, but the Line Blurs - Washington Post
NCAA rules explicitly state that fans of teams cannot be involved in recruiting, but the lines blur when the fan wears a media credential.

In Schadenfreude News:

Rodriguez's WVU workouts drew extra eyes - The Charleston Gazette
And the obvious WVU questions begin.

No flaws found as WVU reviews Rich Rod's records - Charleston Daily Mail
Casazza's version.

West Virginia says no time violations under Rodriguez - ESPN
Bennett combines several iterations into one.

You Made Rich Rodriguez Cry - Deadspin

ESPN interrupted Bill Belichick getting choked up over Teddy Bruschi so America could watch Rich Rodriguez get choked up about all the mean things the Detroit Free Press wrote about him. Why are our football coaches so sad?

Violation report adds to pressure building on Rodriguez - NCAA Football -
It's an opener Michigan should win. Now it seems like a must win. If the Wolverines lose to another inferior opponent, Sunday's report will seem like a gnat flying around Rodriguez' head. There will be vultures circling his program.

Hoppy's Commentary -

That sounds like a clever attempt by Coach Rod to reframe the argument. The issue isn’t whether Rodriguez cares for his young men, but rather whether he practiced them in ways that violate the rules that Michigan and every other school in the country are supposed to follow.

What's on Tap:

ESPN's Erin Andrews discusses her story with Oprah Winfrey - ESPN
Everyone's favorite sideline reporter does the sit down with Oprah to talk about the incident. I know, I know, it's not today, but still.

Video of (Dis)Interest:

These are some SICK facilities, but we are right on par with some most of what you see here. Our new locker room is VERY similar.

Miss Throwdown:

Today's Miss Throwdown is the 2008 St. Pauli Girl herself (as seen above), Irina Voronina. I am absolutely kicking myself for not using this connection before. As always, the picture links to greater things.