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Facility Touch-Ups

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Trust me, this won't be another post talking about how much we need to build the basketball practice facility. What this will be, is a post with suggestions to make our current facilities nicer and easier on the eyes. Think Marisa Miller hot!

While I did not get a degree in interior design or landscape architecture. I have put way too much time into thinking about ways to make Mountaineer Field and other facilities "prettier."

So break out your easel and put on your favorite smock because I will be painting you a beautiful picture of what could be.

First, we need to put something on the back of the press box. Now, it just a plain ugly concrete monstrosity. I have been debating in my head about what would look best and have come up with two possible ideas. One, most likely requires adding a little more concrete to create a huge inset flying WV. The second idea, is to simply add blue letters that simply say "West Virginia University" and then below "Mountaineers." This does not add anything really tangible to our facilities but it makes them look a little less drab.

Second, add some color inside the damn stadium. The ribbon boards were a great start but good lord, the battleship grey lower wall always makes me frown. Again, I have two possible ideas to improve this drab looking decor. My personal favorite would be to add plaques of our bowl games to the lower wall and gold and blue stripes at the top of the wall. My second idea is to do it NFL style and just place team banners on the lower wall for some color.

Third, the women's soccer field needs to mowed diagonally. Right now it is has the straight back and forth mow, BORING. As a kid I mowed my parents yard diagonally, so it is not that hard.

Fourth, we need to install a ring of lights under the upper circle on the outside of the Coliseum. I think it would cast some cool light on the roof of the Coliseum at night. This does not help the basketball team at all but it would look sweet on TV during night games.

Finally, all the trailer parks around Mountaineer Field need to go. People live there, who cares. Eminent domain the shit out of that land. It looks trashy and is absolutely embarrassing to have recruits drive past those things to get to the stadium. I knew people that lived in those trailers during school but for the good of the program get rid of them.

Does anyone else have any frivolous ideas to talk about before the players start practice tomorrow?