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The Momentum Is Building Behind Jarrett Brown

It seems that Jarrett Brown is a bonafide story to the news media, and really, why not?  Fifth year senior who has sat patiently behind superstar quarterback for his turn in the rotation.  When called upon due to injury, all Brown has done is go 2-0, including a massive win over Rutgers in 3 OTs.  Oh yeah, he played basketball, too.

But it's football he's waited on, and after four years of watching Pat White dominate and a full year learning Jeff Mullen's system, Brown has his opportunity.

From the Washington Times:

West Virginia was in the middle of spring practice when coach Bill Stewart ended one session with a simple gesture.

He walked toward Jarrett Brown and wedged a football into the fifth-year senior's hands, leaving no doubt to the answer of the greatest uncertainty surrounding the Mountaineers' program.

"It's my team," Brown said of the moment's significance. "It's officially my team."

At long last.

So, after all these years, it's Jarrett Brown's show.

And boy does he have an opportunity in front of him.  With prototypical size (6'4", 220lbs.) and way-above-average speed (4.5 in the 40), Brown could be a draft darling.  As proof, CBS Sports has him ranked the fourth best QB prospect in the nation.

Around the stadium and office water-coolers, I have been touting Jarrett Brown for years, though it seems like decades.  Hell, there were whispers a few years ago that Brown was outperforming White consistently in spring and fall camps.

So, excuse me for objecting when I hear the media talk about a drop-off after Pat White.  No player is more prepared for replacing White than Jarrett Brown.  I mean, he's waited this long -- I have a good feeling he'll seize the opportunity.

So, what are your thoughts on Jarrett Brown?  Cautiously optimistic?  Wary of the end of the Pat White era?  Think we can continue the same success?  Share your thoughts below.