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Thanks ESPN For Yet Again Completely Wasting My Time

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Listen, I'm not putting a lot of stock in this ESPN Top 40 draft that they have going on today, but I was tuning in just to see where WVU ended up.  The first few picks (the USCs, Floridas, and Oklahomas of the world) were pretty obvious.  They started to lose me around #16, when Oregon came off the board.  Then, at #17, I completely gave up on this fiasco.


Ivan's response is priceless, but this has to fall squarely into the ESPN wheelhouse of "let's just make no sense and see how mad people get."  Well, you win ESPN.  You got me.  I'm not mad, just exasperated at the lack of knowledge at this entire network.  It's just gotten ridiculous.

I will keep watching for WVU.  We'll probably be right behind Miami ... of Ohio.


It's getting worse, and I didn't even know that scenario was even possible.  We're now behind two mid-majors.


If this continues, the bulging vein in my head may need medical attention.

OK, so three mid-majors, Cal, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State all ahead of us.  Really?  What have any of those teams done in the past decade that has bested WVU?  Nothing.  And what have any of those schools done before the last decade?  Nothing.  This is sad.

I'm starting to get the feeling that if you were good last year and are expected to be good this year, you get moved way, way up.  Everyone else sucks.  Forget the other 100 years of playing football.  Just last year and this year.  That's it.



If that's your reasoning, then why wait until #28 to pick us?