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The Patented Rich Rodriguez Meltdown Has Begun

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It happened at West Virginia, and it's most certainly beginning in Ann Arbor: the Rich Rodriguez meltdown.

Known for its short temper, "aww, shucks, I just want to coach football" quotes, and fiery end, the Rich Rodriguez meltdown is a sure way to endear a coach to a school's fanbase.  Or the exact opposite.  When Rodriguez starts blaming anyone but him for his own problems, you know the meltdown has begun.

Really, these allegations of NCAA violations are pretty minor.  The only meaningful thing you could expect is probation, but I don't think anyone would say the program is under deep fire.  But, instead of taking his medecine and letting the whole episode fade into the sunset, Rodriguez decided to make his "stand," which of course contained gratuitous weeping on national television.

Which only brings one thing to mind:


Isn't the clip 1000x more hilarious in French?  Wouldn't you love a Rich Rodriguez press conference dubbed into random languages?  Will I stop asking rhetorial questions?

So where does Rodriguez go from here?  Tough to say.  If he wins, all will be fine in the land of cars and unemployment.  But if he loses, and from the looks of things, having three mediocre QBs doesn't generally equal wins, things are going to get a lot, lot worse.

As The 25314 reminded us, it's pretty clear that Michigan beat writers are looking for any angle to skewer Rodriguez.  Luckily, they don't have to make things up, as Rodriguez generally serves his own and his program's faults on a silver platter.  So this whole episode will probably not be the last emotional, ill-tempered press conference of the season.  Just imagine the questions after an early season loss to Notre Dame, Michigan State, or gasp, Western Michigan?  Two of those three will likely happen, too.

So, Rodriguez cries on national television.  I'm sure his mother has already called the newspaper, complaining about their "reporting."  And somewhere, Mike Barwis is running through brick walls killing hobos for sport.  And, according to Rich, this isn't a distraction?

Let's go ahead and call it now:

Western Michigan 24, Michigan 21 ... Meltdown reaches Defcon 2.